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LRCS is related to PCS and to the presence of vulvar, vaginal and pudendal varicose veins. The diagnosis of the two syndromes is difficult, and usually achieved with CT- or phlebography. The gold standard is the intravenous pressure measurement using conventional phlebography. The definition of PCS is described as pelvic pain, aggravated in the standing position and lasting for more than 6 months. Pain in the left flank and microhaematuria is seen in patients with LRCS. Women with multiple pregnancies are at increased risk of developing varicose vein recurrences with pelvic drainage and ovarian vein reflux after crossectomy and stripping of the great saphenous vein. The therapeutic options are: conservative treatment (medroxyprogesteron) or interventional (coiling of the ovarian vein ) or operative treatment (clipping of the ovarian vein ). Controlled prospective trials are needed to find the best treatment. Computed tomography (CT) and brachiocephalic venography revealed a left -sided superior vena cava. We describe successful placement of an inferior vena cava filter via a left -sided superior vena cava. Patients with significant left -to-right shunt develop symptoms and benefit from early corrective surgery. Anomalous pulmonary veins draining into inferior vena cava is very rare and frequently encountered in association with scimitar syndrome. The patient underwent an operation with redirection of anomalous pulmonary venous drainage into left atrium and ligation of persistent left superior vena cava. In this retrospective study of 14 patients with RSRL, the branching order of the portal tree was analyzed, with special focus on the relationship between the dorsal branch of the right anterior segmental portal vein (P A-D ) and the lateral segmental portal vein (P LL ), to determine the common features.

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Chicken offsets may be a good idea or it may be a bad idea. And do you think this opens up a precedent that we are going to eventually regret. I’m conflicted, myself, and would be curious to hear other opinions. Of course, that trend has continued, and even accelerated. Gotye, the musician behind this summer’s omnipresent song Somebody That I Used to Know digs into all the covers (and parodies and so on) of this tune on YouTube, and remixes them into a new cover. He’s talking about the point at which the Eames office began to work closely with IBM. You sell your ignorance it’s an unlimited repertoire. I’d really appreciate it if you’d give it a thumbs up, tweet it, pass it along to friends, and add some comments. Airport management and each of the airlines’ managements were “on board. The project would study ground control operations of each airline in the existing airport facilities and then follow them over to newly built facilities in a new structure. But we wanted to find out what could be extracted using these methods in such a tech-heavy environment. We were betting it would be informative, insightful, and valuable to everyone concerned. We hoped. The little Sony audio tape recorders (about a the thickness of a stack of 10 iPhones) were great for interviews but micing a control room took hours.

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When the sudden appearance of female Light Fury coincides with the darkest threat their village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must leave the only home they’ve known and journey to a hidden world thought only to exist in myth. As their true destines are revealed, dragon and rider will fight together—to the very ends of the Earth—to protect everything they’ve grown to treasure. For How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, series director Dean DeBlois returns alongside the all-star cast. The film is produced by Brad Lewis (Ratatouille, ANTZ) and Bonnie Arnold (Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon,How to Train Your Dragon 2). To download the rundown used during the How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) anatomy, click here: HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Follow us on Twitter - Merch - ABOUT POPCORN TALK: Popcorn Talk Network is the online broadcast network with programming dedicated exclusively to movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary. Marisa just seems like a novice reviewer of the Snapchat generation and quite often comes across very movie illiterate. Her voice and her opinions come across extremely annoying. The podcast does work hard to try to delve into many aspects of filmmaking, but overall, they could use better hosts. We get to learn a critical fact alluded to the entire film in a clever hilarious way. Each time I’m hoping I’ll get into it but it never happens. Whether they’re sublime, as in The Haunting and The Innocents, or completely visceral, like The Amityville Horror and The Legend of Hell House, movies about haunted houses are always enjoyable, as long as they’re done right. In 1944, an unusual kind of hybrid ghost-house movie was made, a kind of comedy-romance-noir thriller called The Uninvited. After falling in love with the house, Rick and Pamela track down the owner with the intention of purchasing the property. Upon arriving at the owner’s home, they are greeted by a young woman named Stella (Gail Russell from Angel and the Badman ), the granddaughter of the house’s owner, Commander Beech (Donald Crisp from Dr.

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For every rape that has occured in GoT, how many men were slaughtered. Since the last rape, couple thousand men died in E10, dozens were killed in E09, thousands died in E08 (so did a smaller but substantial number of women), etc. And on top of all that, the worst rape in GoT history happened to a man (Theon) not a woman. Additionally, in Astopor, she orders the unsullied to kill all the men with whips. Male genocide by one of our heroines gets a free pass, but not quite enough permission (by modern standards) for sex between two long-time lovers gets outrage. True Detective (especially in season 1) is a 100x more sexist than GoT, and Outlander is more explicit in its portrayal of rape, but those titles aren’t the same level of click bait GoT is. Michelle McLaren directed several episodes, and there have been two women to write for the show briefly. Game of Thrones wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without the production and costume designers fantastic sets and costumes. There’s fantastic women actresses breathing life into their characters, stunt women and women who do special effects. Even the great feminist Joss Whedon fell under their axe. Re: One line of dialogue from Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Even just 5 years ago there would have been very little discussion of the suppose sexism of True Detective. It is very telling what a hive community critics are by the fact that the show aired for about 5 or 6 episodes and there was no talk about sexism but then the New Yorker had an article bashing the show and calling it sexist and just like that all the talk was about supposed sexism in True Detective and it has stuck ever since. Goodfellas(or hell, half of Scorsese’s filmography) sexist.

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Joe Bob Briggs said it would set the standard for the modern Horror film and he was right. Virtually every horror film in the 80's featured cheap acting and big breasted women getting naked and getting killed. The plot behind this is that there is a group of college girls, who are purchasing a new sorority house. Little do they know it once was the scene of a grisley set of murders (sorority house Massacre 1) and from there they meet the immortal neighbor (litterally he is shot, stabbed, burned, caught in a bear trap, drowned in the toilet, and so on) and hear his strange tale. At one point the girls throat is slit and blood splatters on the wall, we see that exact same spot a minute latter and it's perfectly clean. Oh and like a typical slasher film of the time there are 9 girls in the movie, 8 of them get topless. To give it credit though it's not the worst film I have ever seen, but it's just barely watchable. There was a first? sequel is born that will blow every other sorority house movie away. 5 girls move into a haunted house where after they undress and engage in a rousing game of OUIJA, one of them is possessed by the spirit of the original owner who killed a. One star, because 0 stars is not an option. he set. Flat out, this movie is BORING. Look, if you're looking for decent camp gore, get yourself DEAD.

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“I played most of my scenes with the lead, Matt Czuchry, who is such an interesting, good actor. It’s what I always tried to do for others on OLTL. Slezak will also appear in Guest Artist, a film that’s based on Jeff Daniels’ successful play by the same name about playwright Lanford Wilson. “I play his agent,” she revealed. “We shot in New York City when it was zero degrees! Although she enjoyed spending the last four years sleeping late, cooking and being home with her family, Slezak says that returning to work was “wonderful. There are so many roles available in television, film, and theater — you just need to be seen again,” she suggested. “Unfortunately, I think many people associated me just purely with OLTL, and I guess people can be a little narrow-minded. I went to work almost every day, and every day was interesting and a challenge. Might the actress be up for someday bringing Viki to GENERAL HOSPITAL? “On a short-term basis, I might consider it,” she offers. “I love her. She was an awesome character! .

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Qanim edhe ne, qe i veshtronim nga ballkonet e dritaret, disa edhe prej pas perdeve, per te mos i lenduar. Me gezime e trishtime, lindje e vdekje, dite te bukura e dite te trishta lotesh, per secilin. Edhe tani, atje larg, luten te na dergojne prej prodhimeve qe mbjellin e kujdesin atje. Njerezit kapercenin malet, per te dale kush-e-di-ku. Dikush sillte lajme prej pertej shkretetires e njerezit niseshin per andej. S'kish luftra boterore, sic erdhi hera me pas, por luftrat lokale s'rreshtnin kurre. Keta cunat qe me tregon ti, Lira, jane me fat qe s'u linden asokohe. Zyrat e emigracionit, nderkohe ofronin pune sa me te pershtatshme dhe ata s'i ben bisht asnje lloj pune. Ah, t'i shihje diteve te festave, o fundjavave, tek dilnin te tre. Do shkojme te flasim ne telefon me prinderit, me thoshte Khan, me gezim. Tri Zogjte vellezer shkonin t'u degjonin zerin prinderve. Sigurisht e dinin, gjithe prinderit e botes moshohen nje dite; edhe ata te tre, dikur do degjonin lajme jo te mira per shendetin e prinderve te tyre. Ne te gjithe kohet, pavaresisht perandorive, mbreterive e shteteve, prinderit plaken duke u rritur trashegimtaret e tyre, duke semurur perhere e me dendur, por edhe pa u semurur, dikur vdesin. Zakonisht, prinderit ikin nga kjo bote perpara femijeve.